And Then There Was One…

After three weeks of cajoling the NCDOT with a FOIA request, and a couple calls to the NC Attorney Generals office, I finally got a response about who actually bid on the toll lane contract.  I received a cut and paste of a carefully worded statement.  Here it is (emphasis added):

Four potential bidders were shortlisted and participated in more than 70 intensive, one-on-one meetings with NCDOT. These meetings helped us produce several drafts of the final contract documents. These documents lay out the instructions for bidding, the design, construction, and maintenance performance requirements and the overarching agreement. They reflect the minimum contract requirements and the public protections that we require (e.g. bonding, insurance, termination rights, revenue sharing, etc.)
In addition, we stated that the maximum contribution from traditional state funding would be capped at $170 million.
Each of the four bidders conducted exhaustive analyses to determine if they could meet these contract requirements while ensuring that the long term contract would generate enough revenue to offset their initial investment.
Bidders requested varying amounts of additional state and federal funding beyond the $170 Million, and/or requested that a multitude of the contract requirements be relaxed. We determined that the $170 million public contribution was reasonable and the public protections in place in the contract were prudent. The cap would not be increased.
Bids were due on March 31, 2014 and one bidder submitted a compliant technical proposal and financial proposal. The proposals were subjected to roughly 200 pass/fail criteria and further evaluation of the relative merits of their technical proposal.
The apparent best value proposer was announced on April 11, 2014 as Cintra Infraestructures. Cintra proposed a total project investment of $655 million, of which only $88 million is the NCDOT contribution (less than the projected $170 million contribution).
So there you have it… after three years, 70+ meetings and umpteen hours working the agreement, only one consortium was interested in bidding.  Somewhere a red light should be flashing.


12 thoughts on “And Then There Was One…

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  3. Will someone tell me exactly WHY it is a good thing for the Charlotte metro to continue growing? Right now, we have a nice metro. Not too big, not too small. Does no one else recognize that all that’s going to happen is that we widen roads then more people move to those areas, then we will be in the same boat all over again in a few years? Isn’t there some way to simply run commuter trains on existing tracks or SOMETHING? Charlotte PLEASE STOP GROWING!! If we don’t, we will end up being the mess called Atlanta.

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  5. Doesn’t Tillis know Hagan is going to hammer him for his boneheaded tax increase….tolls? Why charge hard working commuters even more after tax income just to get to work each day? We already pay for these roads with one of the highest gas taxes in the country. TAXED ENOUGH ALREADY Thom!

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  7. Tom the Tolling Taxman, now shows his ability as a Mathlete. Imagine if he goes to Congress, the havoc he will wreak

    Sock it to me. Sock it to me.. The North Carolina Laugh-in

  8. Cintra has been DOWNGRADED by Moody’s… NOT a PRUDENT OPTION! build General Purpose and let the P3’s find another source of ‘income’….

  9. Wow, one whole bidder. A company whose projects in Texas and Indiana have fallen apart financially.
    More telling is that the state wants to cap its contribution at $170 million…seemingly more than enough to build a general purpose lane without the HOT mess.

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