NCDOT Officials at July 7th Cornelius Town Board Meeting

Rodger Rochelle, NCDOT’s Director of Technical Services and Bill Thunberg, Executive Director of the Lake Norman Transportation Commission (LNTC) are scheduled to discuss the I-77 toll lane issue with the Cornelius Town Board on Monday, July 7th, during their regularly scheduled meeting at 7pm.

Rochelle and Thunberg are proponents of the I-77 toll lane project.

5 thoughts on “NCDOT Officials at July 7th Cornelius Town Board Meeting

  1. If the toll lane project goes forward as planned, it will force us to re think where we will expand our business located in Cornelius.

  2. LNTC Names Thunberg Executive Director
    The LNTC tapped Bill Thusberg as new Executive Director for the LNTC to assume new duties January 1, 2012, announced Brian Jenest, LNTC Chair. ” We are fortunate to find a person with Bill’s knowledge and interest in transportation related matters – almost within our midst.” Thunberg replaces Carroll Gray who served in the role over the past three years.

    I’m anxious to become more deeply involved in continuing our collaborative approach to secure a better understanding and more funding for our region’s transportation needs,” Thunberg said.
    Thunberg served as a three-term Mayor of Mooresville and is active on a number of board and commissions at both local and State levels.

  3. How is Bill Thunberg the Executive Director of a Transportation Committee? Who appointed him to such an important position? He is a jeweler that travels 3 miles to his downtown business. What does he know about the transportation needs of the Lake Norman area? Who do we need to contact to have him removed from this position?

  4. This is the same Bill Thunberg that sunk Mooresville into $90M of debt because he wanted to buy the former Adelphia Cable company. The voters got rid of this crony and his buddy Rob Carney and then lo and behold they are both in cushy jobs now spending taxpayer dollars on other white elephant projects that do nothing to benefit the masses, only their business buddies. When will the local voters realize this and get rid of officials that play this game and set up their buddies to play it as well?

  5. The only answer to I-77 Toll lanes is to move out of this area to avoid the nightmare while it is under construction and then not pay tolls to avoid the unnecessary congestion. I remember just a few years back when Thom Tillis was so FOR general purpose lanes when Augustalee was coming to town to develop Exit 27…Amazing how $$$$ works from P3 donors for your upcoming Senatorial race…oops sorry, their looking for ROI for previous donations….

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