How Can I Help?

Thanks for asking. Before we get any further, let’s be clear: we’re a grass roots organization and we do not solicit donations.

Sign up to help stop the Toll lane proposal for I-77


1) Sign the petition! Here’s the link:   McCrory Petition: No Tolls

Petition wall.

Here is approx 1,200 signatures.  As of May 20 we are nearing triple that….


2) Please FOLLOW the website by clicking the button to the right and signing up.  That way you’ll stay informed on the latest developments.

3) EMAIL your town commissioners and let them know how you feel.  Don’t know their email addresses or where they stand?  You can find that information here.

4) ATTEND citizen information sessions.  We’ll publicize these through the local media and this blog.  A strong attendance sends an important message to our local leaders.

5) CONTACT political leaders when we ask.  We’ll let you know via posts on this blog.

Together we CAN get this done!

2 thoughts on “How Can I Help?

  1. For those who are “green conscious”–the least auto pollution is achieved with the most efficient traffic flow. HOV and HOT Lanes have proven to be least efficient in this regard!

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