Elected Officials

(Note: This is a listing of officials from 2013.  Some may have not run and/or been replaced since.  We will update the list if/when we need to call for action in the future)

hotlane_key_names-6-20    is an excel file with 6 tabs.

  1. A comprehensive “Key Contacts” list of the cities, counties, towns and others that have representation on MUMPO  (summarized on this page below).
  2. A set of email lists that can easily be copied and pasted into the “TO” of an email you send to the group you choose.  The lists align to the MUMPO list.
  3. A comprehensive list of NC Senators with columns indicating Senate Leadership, DOT Appropriations Committee, Transportation Committee and Mecklenburg & area county Senators. (summarized on this page below).
  4. A set of email lists that align to the Senate list. **New 6/12 – Full Senate list divided by Rep & Dem
  5. A comprehensive list of NC House Representatives with columns indicating House Leadership, Transportation Appropriations Committee, Transportation Committee and Mecklenburg & area county Representatives. (summarized on this page below).
  6. A set of email lists that align to the Representatives list.  **New 6/12 – Full House list divided by Rep & Dem

The lists also show each individual’s position based on response to requests, or as quoted in major news media.  To date there have been multiple requests made of all listed elected officials.

6 thoughts on “Elected Officials

  1. Pat McCory needs to clean house at NCDOT starting with GENE CONTI. Our tax dollars pay for road improvements. DO NOT DOUBLE TAX ME ON ROAD USE.

  2. I did write to Jeff Tarte and asked him straight out if “the deal” has been done. His answer on 1/17/13 was:
    “To my knowledge the state has not executed a contract to toll I77.
    That said, there is over two years of work by many folks to find a
    creative means to accelerate and fund the widening of the LKN section
    of the interstate 77. The current plan would move this project up
    over 20 years on the priority list.
    Based upon concerns raised by knowledgable citizens several elected
    officials will be doing some extra homework to try and ensure or at
    least minimize any unintended consequences.
    Take care, Jeff”
    He didn’t elaborate on who the several elected officials were that will be doing the extra homework or their intentions, I can only assume that they are listed above.

  3. Kurt, GREAT job on Monday night… We are getting the message out and hopefully the politicians will get the message. It’s funny to hear some of them say it will take 20-30 years to expand the roads unless we opt for the toll road option.

    Well, all I can say to that is it’s OUR money that goes for these gas taxes and if it’s going to take 30 years to allocate funding for a classification “F” road in North Carolina, then we may need to make some serious changes at the NCDOT. It’s amazing to hear Jeff Tarte and the other throw this timeframe around. They are not fixing the root cause of the problem which is the NCDOT… If they cannot make changes there, perhaps we need to change out our politicians. We need people to represent us that will fix the root cause and not enter into a 50 YEAR contract for these toll roads.

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