Presentations & Memos


May 6 Presentation to Cornelius Town Board, pre-meetingI77-Cornelius

Apr 17 Presentation to MUMPO.  We got to slide 16 before Chairwoman McAulay cut us off.

Thom Tillis on Tolling I-95:

Apr 3 Presentation Wideni77 Goes to Raleigh

Stop the Toll Lane scheme
The Tar Heel State of North Carolina says take your consultants and their money grabbing of our roads and …. We don’t want your toll lanes.
The citizens of North Carolina want to Stop the Sell Off of Our State Highways!

Feb 22 Presentation at the Lake Norman Chamber of Commerce Focus Friday

September 2010 Memo from Davidson Mayor John Woods expressing support for obtaining HOT lane funding, the Red Line commuter rail, and general purpose lanes. WOODS LETTER TO DIV 10 091610

January 14 Information Session presentation.  I-77 Info Session

December 2012 Presentation to the North Mecklenburg Republican Women about issues with the HOT Lane concept.  I-77 Long Presentation12-11-12

November 2012  Presentation to the Cornelius Town Board.  A manifesto of the many flaws with the HOT lanes concept.  Cornelius Town Council Toll Lanes request 11-05-2012

October 2012 MUMPO comments to NCDOT proposals where Bill Coxe admits HOT lanes will have “minimal impact to travel speed in the general purpose lanes” and a “private vendor’s vision for success may not fully align with the public sector’s approach”. He then goes on to emphatically state the TCC’s support for HOT lanes: TCC Comments to Ellerby&Midkiff10-4-12

Sept 2012 I77 widening update to Huntersville Town Board. The cost of the project has ballooned to $513M: Sept 17, 2012 I-77 P3 update to Town Board

Sept 2012 Presentation to the Cornelius Town Board. A good primer on why HOT lanes are a bad idea: HOT Lane Discussion

August 2012 NCDOT proposal to widen I-77 with HOT lanes from exit 28 to exit 36 (23MB): i-77 HOT

August 2012 NCDOT proposal to change the Brookshire- I77 Interchange to accommodate HOT lanes and add HOT lanes past I-85: I-3311C LOM 073112

July 2012 email to Cornelius Commissioner Chuck Travis questioning why the LNTC has not pursued ways to fund general purpose lanes and questioning why they so quickly embraced HOT lanes: travis7-12

Sept 2010 HOT lanes update showing the funding gap at $20M and HOT lane annual operating costs of $2M: 032410ManagedLanesConcept

May 2010 Original HOT lanes concept showing a $50M cost and $21M funding gap: TCC_2010_05_May_Presentation_04

2009 Fast Lanes study done by a HOT lane advocacy group and paid for with your tax dollars.  This got the whole idea rolling. Their throughput assumptions assume 2.5 passengers per vehicle for HOT lanes: FastLanesFinalReport(ExecSummary)

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    • Hi Jim-
      You can download that on the “information” page. (Click on “Information” directly; don’t scroll down to “Presentations” or “Letters to the Editor”.)

      Thanks for your help!

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