8 thoughts on “NCDOT Press Release

  1. Meanwhile, I-85 in the middle of nowhere gets 2 extra lanes each direction free of tolls. Glad this was higher priority than widening I-77:


    Also for those doing the math, this is $187m for 8 miles of 2 lanes each way. If I-77 from 12 to 28 was built at same cost toll-free project would be $375m instead of $670m. Anyone want to guess who ends up paying for the extra $300m there?

  2. Oh, Val

    I am so sorry to read this! You have worked so hard for so long. I am sure you have learned a lot in the process!

    Please don’t forget our trip to Italy!!!can we talk tonight or sometime tomorrow?

    We love you, dear daughter and are so proud of you. Don ‘t let politics get you down. The most important things in life are still intact!


    Sent from my iPad


  3. Another failure of government. They now have another weapon in their arsenal to attack the citizens of this state. If they don’t like you, you get to pay another $2500 per year in tolls. It is completely unfair to target citizens for extra road funds based on their geography. The users of I-77 in this stretch already contribute about $17.5 million per year in gas taxes. Thanks for selling us out Speaker Tillis. I suspect you got a lot of campaign funds for settting up this crony-capitalistic boondoggle. Argh!

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